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Welcome to the blog of the Botanical Society of Scotland

Normally at this time of year (May 2020) we are wrapping up our winter lecture series with our final lecture and AGM and getting our summer field meetings underway. We had so many plans for summer fieldwork across Scotland!

Unfortunately, this year is different and everything is cancelled until further notice. We’re hoping to roll over the cancelled events to next season and meanwhile interacting with our members in different ways.  Through this blog, we are hoping to supplement the information available on our main website and Facebook pages.

Our main field activity at present is to gather data for our Urban Flora Project so part of this blog will be about this, and we hope to encourage more of you to participate. If you live in an urban area this is something that you can do on your daily walk. There is more information about how to join in the Urban Flora Project at https://www.botanical-society-scotland.org.uk/Urban_Flora_of_Scotland

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