Common fungi – rust fungi

These fungi are usually host specific, only infecting particular plant species. Look out for any plants that appear a bit sickly or have distortions – they may well be infected with rust.

Puccinia urticata (nettle rust)
Found on Urtica dioica (stinging nettle)
Distorts leaves and stems
Pale with orange circles

Puccinia punctiformis (creeping thistle rust)
Found on Cirsium arvense (creeping thistle)
Orange or brown, covers underside of leaves
Floral smell

Melampsorella symphyti (comfrey rust)
Found on Symphytum species (comfrey)
Orange, covers underside of leaves
Produces dusty spores

Puccinia lagenophorae (groundsel rust)
Found on Senecio vulgaris (groundsel)
Orange circles on stems and leaves

Download this sheet here
Collect data for the Botanical Society of Scotland Urban Flora of Scotland Project
© Heather Forbes/BSS

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