Common plants – kerbs and cracks

These plant species are commonly found growing at the side of kerbs, in paving and in cracks in pavements. Look for them along your street and along the sides of paths. Keep an eye out in other places too, though, because they grow in other places as well.

Matricaria discoidea (pineapple weed)
Yellow, domed flower heads
Feathery leaves
Smells like pineapple when rubbed
Family: Asteraceae

Sagina procumbens (procumbent pearlwort) (plant of the week)
Forms tufts
Stems radiate from central rosette
No petals, or small white petals
Family: Caryophyllaceae

Poa annua (annual meadow grass)
Short, tufty grass
Short, pale flower spikes
Family: Poaceae

Senecio vulgaris (groundsel)
Yellow flower heads
Lobed glossy leaves
Fluffy seed heads
Family: Asteraceae

Download this sheet here
Collect data for the Botanical Society of Scotland Urban Flora of Scotland Project
© Heather Forbes/BSS

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