Woodland regeneration in Glen Feshie – online exhibition – last chance to see!

One of our members, Patricia Macdonald, specialises in imaging vegetation from her aircraft. We thought you might like to see some of her work which you may have missed when it was on show at the RBGE. She writes as follows:

Woodland regeneration in Glen Feshie featured in Royal Scottish Academy’s ‘RSA Annual 2020’ exhibition.

Those interested in the vegetation of the Cairngorms, and particularly in the recent rebirth of the Caledonian woodland remnant in Glen Feshie, might like to have a look at the website of the Royal Scottish Academy’s ‘RSA Annual 2020’ exhibition, while it remains live over the next  couple of weeks. The ‘RSA Annual’ has, for the last 193 years, been held in the magnificent classical RSA building in Princes Street, Edinburgh, but this year, as was the case with so many other events, it had to be cancelled at the last moment. The RSA have, however, produced an excellent online version of the show.

Patricia and Angus Macdonald (of the University of Edinburgh and the Aerographica Partnership – and of BSS) were Invited Artists in the exhibition this year, and they chose to show two of the large, composite, environmental aerial artworks for which they are well known. One of these relates to the effects of excessive muirburn for driven grouse-shooting, and the other is the three-part piece:

‘Braided river, Caledonian pines, and woodland regeneration, Glen Feshie, Cairngorms, 1988-2016’.

This artwork was kindly loaned for the show by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, who hold it in their permanent collection. The RSA website enables the viewer to interrogate the images at a level of detail that is normally only possible when looking at very large prints like those held by the RBGE. It is possible to clearly see, for example, the detail of small pine seedlings on the gravel bars of the River Feshie in the most recent image, made in 2016, representing the regeneration of the woodland, which is exciting to view in ‘distant close-up’ in this way – the moribund forest, full of ‘granny pines’ with no descendants underfoot, that so horrified many of us in the 1980s and ‘90s, being brought back to life by recent changes in management strategies. 

You can view the exhibition online at https://www.rsaannualexhibition.org/ and https://www.rsaannualexhibition.org/artists/195-patricia-macdonald/works/

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